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The Bosch World Experience 2014

A journey of exploration to 6 Bosch projects on 3 continents.

Bosch is part of major fascinating projects and its future-oriented technologies are utilized all over the world. Our wide range of products and services is however hardly known. The idea: We will let 6 Bosch explorers travel around the world in 16 days to take a look behind the scenes of exciting Bosch projects at 6 stations on 3 continents. They will then report their impressions live on the social web. Find out the whole story now - from the start all the way to the closing event - and get yourself in the right mood for the 6 travel reports in our blogumentary.

Europe, London

A bridge between the past and the future.

It all began in London, England’s capital on the River Thames and one of the world’s greatest public attractions. It is where a rich cultural past meets a lively and modern present – of which Bosch is a part. Very few people know that Bosch technology can be found behind the city’s historical and futuristic landmarks. “Where exactly?” you may well ask. Our Bosch explorers found out for you – from the first hydraulic pump in Tower Bridge, to a fully automatic control system for the London Eye – you’ll find all of the information here:

Central America, Panama

100 years of the Panama Canal – a giant construction project celebrates its anniversary.

The Panama Canal was opened exactly 100 years ago. It links two oceans and, aside from its importance to shipping and industry, is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. The Canal took 30 years to build and was opened in 1914. Now it is being expanded to make space for giant container ships. Our Bosch explorers take you on an exciting journey of discovery behind the scenes at the Panama Canal. Read for yourself:

North America, San Francisco

Experience the future of mobility today.

Our third travel report is full of exciting experiences. In Palo Alto, at the heart of Silicon Valley, our Bosch explorers found out about the automobile of the future, which can navigate safely through traffic without a driver. You can find out here what that means for the future and which mode of transport the Bosch explorer team were allowed to use to discover San Francisco.

Asia, Shanghai

Shanghai – a city reaching for the sky.

Shanghai, city of superlatives, was viewed by the Bosch explorers from a completely new angle – from the viewing platform of the World Financial Center at a height of 474 meters. And yet that is not the megacity’s highest point. At 632 meters, the Shanghai Tower next door will be the world’s second highest building. And Shanghai is set to keep growing – upwards. Why that is so, and which Bosch technology helps to make its huge skyscrapers safer, has been revealed for you on location by the Bosch explorers.

Asia, Singapore

Boldly embracing the future: eMobility in Singapore.

Since 2011, Bosch has been transforming the futuristic city-state of Singapore into one of the world’s biggest test-routes for electromobility. Thanks to its relatively small area and short distances, Singapore is the ideal location for testing electric vehicles under everyday conditions – especially since drivers can use an app to locate and reserve the nearest vacant charging station. In Singapore, our Bosch explorers conducted interviews with leading Bosch engineers who showed them just how far eMobility has progressed today.

Close story

Germany, Berlin

The grand finale in Berlin.

Only at the very last minute did we tell our explorers where the grand finale of the Bosch World Experience would be. So it was a wonderful surprise when we revealed the secret and announced the final destination: Germany’s capital Berlin – back to the roots of the company. There, the explorer team found out about the company’s founder Robert Bosch, as well as today’s Robert Bosch Stiftung. But read for yourself:


Gain exclusive insights into the world of Bosch.

World Financial Center, Tower Bridge, Panama Canal – Bosch is part of many large-scale projects all around the world. Would you like to know which Bosch technology is to be found at the destinations of the Bosch World Experience 2014? Then join our Bosch explorers as they look behind the scenes at some of these sights and the remarkable Bosch innovations in them.

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The Bosch explorers

The stars of the Bosch World Experience 2014.

Thousands of people all over the world followed our six Bosch explorers on their journey. The explorers were recognized and asked for photographs, and they caused a stir in lots of different places. This is where you can find out more about the stars of the Bosch World Experience 2014 who enriched this unique world tour with their humor, expertise, and character.

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We are Bosch

What it means to work for Bosch.

There are no limits to the ways you can work for Bosch. More than 280,000 people are dedicated daily to developing ideas and ground-breaking technology all around the world. Now you can get to know some of them more closely and find out what they have to say about their exciting jobs, and what fascinates them so much about the projects they are busy with.

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