Get to know the Bosch explorers in person.

The Bosch explorers

What do a green-fingered, bread-baking hippy who can’t live without the Internet, the owner of a multimedia power plant, and a networked globetrotter all have in common? That’s right: they’re all part of our Bosch explorer team, and they beat more than 50,000 other applicants to get there. This is where they tell us what impressed them most on the Bosch World Experience 2014, which technology they found most exciting, and what they especially liked about the other Bosch explorers.

Hong Khai Loh

22, Malaysia

During the Bosch World Experience 2014, Hong Khai kept the group entertained not only with his spectacular jumps and good spirits, but also with his unbelievable energy and enormous knowledge. Thanks to the 5 languages that he speaks fluently, he quickly got into conversation with everybody.

What impressed Hong Khai most was the experience of automated driving in Palo Alto. That was when he got the feeling of just how close we already are to the future of traffic.

For him this journey was about people, culture and technology. He was curious about every person that he met during the journey and he was fascinated how the different cultures of the explorers harmonized from the very beginning.

These were Hong Khai’s travel highlights:

Even before he set off, Hong Khai knew that the Bosch World Experience 2014 would be an entry ticket to a thrilling technology experience. In his personal video statement, Hong Khai, who is a student of electrical engineering, sums up which Bosch projects impressed him most, and what else he liked best about the 16-day world journey. Watch and see what this technology-mad 22-year-old thought were the best moments on the trip.

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Best of Hong Khai

Dancing in a restaurant with a permanent smile on his face: Hong Khai always puts you in a good mood. Discover the funniest and most exciting moments experienced by our explorer Hong Khai.

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Hong Khai’s travel blog

Read Hong Khai’s tumblr and find out what he experienced during the Bosch World Experience 2014.

Tolgay Azman

24, Germany

If there is one word that describes Tolgay, it’s a socializer. His likable character affected everyone. No matter what part of the Bosch World Experience they were at and where people came from – people simply had to like him.
For him this journey was about people, culture and technology. He was curious about every person that he met during the journey and he was fascinated how the different cultures of the explorers harmonized from the very beginning.His engaging personality is also reflected in his favorite destination on the Bosch World Experience 2014: Shanghai, which to him was the stand-out experience of the trip – a melting-pot which brings together everything and offers a mixture of Eastern and Western culture, a blend of rich and poor, new and old. Spending time in Shanghai gives you the feeling of truly living.

In the Bosch Research Center in Palo Alto, he experienced new technologies that will significantly simplify our lives in the near future. He explored the streets of Silicon Valley with a car that drove itself and was deeply impressed with the current state of this development.


These were Tolgay’s travel highlights:

Tolgay had been looking forward to Shanghai from the very outset, being curious about its symbiosis of Eastern and Western culture. Watch Tolgay’s video statement about his best moments and find out whether that city ended up being his personal highlight, or whether other experiences managed to top it, as well as what other moments of the journey left a strong impression on him.

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Best of Tolgay

He lost his camera while playing with a snake, but didn't lose his composure: Tolgay is open-minded, cool and always has a casual statement ready – he's just a real entertainer. The best scenes from our explorer Tolgay here.

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Tolgay’s travel blog

Read Tolgay’s tumblr and find out what he experienced during the Bosch World Experience 2014.

Amy Watkins

23, United States

Amy is overflowing with empathy and social intelligence. She always sees the people behind the personalities and the truth behind the stories – and anyone who meets her can sense that. Little wonder that the Panama Canal was the journey’s outstanding project for her. It is where today’s world connects to the past. The Panama Canal has been a transport hub for a hundred years, with all of the implications that has on people’s lives, their circumstances, and family histories.

Amy got answers to her questions about another person at the Robert Bosch Foundation. Here she learned more about the background to the Bosch World Experience. Who was Robert Bosch, what were his goals and how do these goals still guide the company today?

These were Amy’s travel highlights:

What Amy loves most about travelling is discovering differences and similarities between people all over the world. So it’s little surprise that she got on so well with her explorer team and made some genuine friendships. Take a look to see what her personal favorite moments were on the world trip.

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Best of Amy

Alright, she came late. But she did come to stay. And even at the big final event in Berlin she stayed right to the end dancing till the early hours of the morning. Don't miss the unforgettable moments of our explorer Amy!

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Amy’s travel blog

Read Amy’s tumblr and find out what she experienced during the Bosch World Experience 2014.

Luiz Júnior Fernandes

32, Brazil

Luiz doesn’t just shake hands with people, he embraces them with genuine delight.
This joy of life can also be seen in the descriptions of his most impressive moments. Arriving on the Pacific coast of Panama was already an impressive moment, crowned by the experience of whale-watching. The sight of them jumping out of the water around the boat was his most memorable moment of the Bosch World Experience 2014.

On the eBike tour Luiz experienced another one of his highlights – the joy of speed. At speeds of up to 30 miles an hour, he easily conquered the hills of San Francisco and powered past surprised professional cyclists.


These were Luiz’s travel highlights:

He’s already travelled a lot and has even climbed Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. But Luiz never dreamed he would travel around the world for 16 days with Bosch’s help. This unforgettable adventure is now behind him, and Luiz is keen to tell you all about his highlights of the trip.

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Best of Luiz

Luiz: Always in a good mood, daring, sporty – and obviously jungle-experienced. Hold on tight and enjoy the best scenes from our adventurer and Bosch explorer Luiz.

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Luiz’s travel blog

Read Luiz’s tumblr and find out what he experienced during the Bosch World Experience 2014.

Roy van den Heuvel

24, Netherlands

Roy doesn’t just look at things carefully, he also tries to understand everything. His enthusiasm for technology lights up his eyes and infect everyone else in the process.
So it's no surprise that he found the visit to the Palo Alto Research Center the most fascinating stop on the Bosch World Experience 2014. Here Roy got a real glimpse into technologies of the future.

A car that can drive itself is already a reality here and Roy watched with a mixture of awe and amazement as the vehicles engaged with each other with no need for any human intervention. And being in the vehicle with no hands on the wheel while it changed lanes and passed another car in real traffic was an experience Roy will never forget.

These were Roy’s travel highlights:

Silicon Valley and the Bay Area in San Francisco were right at the top of Roy’s list of places that he always wanted to see. Now he’s crossed the Golden Gate Bridge on an eBike and got to know the automobile of the future in Palo Alto at the heart of Silicon Valley. Find out here whether these were among his favorite moments on the trip.

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Best of Roy

One thing is clear: Roy has technology running through his veins. Which means he's quite good at being a robot, too. Can he put you in a good mood as well? See for yourself. The funniest scenes from our explorer Roy here.

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Roy’s travel blog

Read Roy’s tumblr and find out what he experienced during the Bosch World Experience 2014.

Yanru Xia

23, China

Yanru seems at first somewhat quieter than the rest of the group, but looks are deceptive. This little lady has a big sense of humor which no-one can resist.
Her humor is course reflected in how she describes her most impressive moment. Aside from all the fun the explorers had together on their 16-day journey, the eBike tour through San Francisco was something special for her. Despite falling off, the 28 miles they cycled through the city, including over the Golden Gate Bridge, were an unforgettable experience.

That Yanru as a photographer has a special feeling for the right moment can be seen in the atmospheric pictures that she posted on her blog throughout the journey.


These were Yanru’s travel highlights:

One thing Yanru never travels without is her camera. She likes to record every single moment of her life with it. In her video statement you will find out which moments of the Bosch World Experience 2014 Yanru not only photographed, but also remembers as her highlights.

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Best of Yanru

Yanru lost her cell phone on her trip, but she did find new friends. What else was her team impressed with apart from her great language skills? Find out in the video with the most memorable moments of our explorer Yanru.

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Yanru’s travel blog

Read Yanru’s tumblr and find out what she experienced during the Bosch World Experience 2014.


Six Bosch explorers. Three continents. One unique blogumentary.

The blogumentary on the Bosch World Experience 2014 is a multimedia travel report. It’s full of exciting content from various social media channels, as well as responses from the Internet that were gathered together by the six explorers for each of their destinations in a joint editorial meeting. Have a read and find out all about the journey.

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