Watch the video of a thrilling journey.

See the most memorable moments of the Bosch World Experience 2014, all of the exciting projects, and the enthusiasm of our Bosch explorers.

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6 Bosch explorers. 3 continents. 1unique blogumentary.

Read all of the travel reports in our blogumentary, and discover each destination with all that it has to offer, through the eyes of the Bosch explorers.

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Bosch technology all around the world.

Bosch is part of many extraordinary projects worldwide. Find out more about our ground-breaking technology at the destinations of the Bosch World Experience 2014.

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Find out more about the Bosch explorers.

Upbeat bundle of energy, networked globetrotter, total technoholic – get to know the explorer team.

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Find out about Bosch as an employer.

Find out from Bosch employees all around the world what fascinates them so much about their work.

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The Bosch explorers

The stars of the Bosch World Experience 2014.

Thousands of people all over the world followed our six Bosch explorers on their journey. The explorers were recognized and asked for photographs, and they caused a stir in lots of different places. This is where you can find out more about the stars of the Bosch World Experience 2014 who enriched this unique world tour with their humor, expertise, and character.

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Six Bosch explorers. Three continents. One unique blogumentary.

The blogumentary on the Bosch World Experience 2014 is a multimedia travel report. It’s full of exciting content from various social media channels, as well as responses from the Internet that were gathered together by the six explorers for each of their destinations in a joint editorial meeting. Have a read and find out all about the journey.

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Gain exclusive insights into the world of Bosch

World Financial Center, Tower Bridge, Panama Canal – Bosch is part of many large-scale projects all around the world. Would you like to know which Bosch technology is to be found at the destinations of the Bosch World Experience 2014? Then join our Bosch explorers as they look behind the scenes at some of these sights and the remarkable Bosch innovations in them.

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#Experience Bosch
Shared moments

There were many exciting experiences and lots of memorable moments during the Bosch World Experience 2014 which our explorers shared in their social media channels. Take a look at their Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram pictures for a virtual visit to six destinations on three continents.

We are Bosch

What it means to work for Bosch.

There are no limits to the ways you can work for Bosch. More than 280,000 people are dedicated daily to developing ideas and ground-breaking technology all around the world. Now you can get to know some of them more closely and find out what they have to say about their exciting jobs, and what fascinates them so much about the projects they are busy with.

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